Top 5 Things to Do in Yellowstone National Park

yellowstone national park

Yellowstone is a must-see national park known for its stunning canyons, lakes, and other natural beauties. Enjoy the vibrant colors of the hot springs and the power of the geysers. The natural wonders will leave you in awe and make you want to return as soon as you leave. If you’re planning a trip to Yellowstone, follow our recommendations on the best things to do while there. Experiencing these features of the national park is fun for the whole family and are guaranteed to leave you with positive memories. 

Visit Old Faithful

Old Faithful is a world-renowned geyser that erupts water every 30-110 minutes. You’ll find it worth the wait as the eruptions average around 130 feet high and can last up to five minutes. It’s truly amazing seeing this geyser in action. With natural geysers being rare (fewer than 1,000 worldwide), and half of these being in Yellowstone National Park, this location is a place you must visit at least once in your life.

Walk the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Did you know there are actually multiple grand canyons in the United States? Yellowstone has it’s very own Grand Canyon, stretching over 600 miles long and making for a spectacular view at the end of the hiking trails. Visitors agree that you won’t want to miss this sight and many are taken aback by it’s colors and rock formations, as well as the giant waterfall that cuts through the middle.

Admire the Grand Prismatic Spring

Yellowstone is also known for it’s hot springs, and this one is considered one of the best. The Grand Prismatic Spring is one of the largest hot springs in the world and attracts people through it’s rainbow colors of deep reds, greens, blues, yellows, and oranges. It’s all-natural and the beauty of the spring and the surrounding area is perfect for pictures and memories that will last.

Hike in Hayden Valley

This lush valley in Yellowstone is a beautiful landmark full of wildlife. You’ll most likely see bison, elk, coyotes, and grizzly bears gathering in this area, so it’s a great place to experience the animals of Yellowstone. It’s also a great place for hiking and has two very long trails. Take some time to walk through this valley and enjoy the views and wildlife. Just remember to keep your distance from wild animals!

Relax at Yellowstone Lake

In the heart of Yellowstone, you’ll find Yellowstone Lake, the park’s largest body of water. The water is very cold, so it’s not recommended for swimming, but the lake can be thoroughly enjoyed through boating, fishing, or just relaxing and taking in the views. It’s recommended to take a drive around the lake or hike one of the trails. You’ll be astounded by the size and vibrant clear waters.

We hope you’ve been inspired to pack your bags for Yellowstone or plan to visit some of these locations on your trip there. This park has a wide variety of sights and features, from geysers and hot springs to canyons and lakes. It’s a natural landmark that deserves it’s popularity because of how beautiful and memorable it is. Have a fun and safe trip!

Beautiful Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park, USA

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